We love and cherish Serifos. Come what may.

Which means it is up to us to find ways to keep the island as untouched as possible.

We choose to keep it free of sunbeds and organized beaches, so that we can enjoy beauty and privacy by the sea in 72 unique ways.

We choose to build small-capacity lodgings, far apart from each other, so that the island’s fine architecture and natural, vibrant energy can be preserved.

We choose to have small restaurants, bars and clubs, because we don’t want our island’s natural beauty to be upstaged by overbearing, man-made constructions.

We choose to keep alleyways and walking trails as they have always been, so that people can experience nature undistracted.

These were all choices made long before the current public health crisis began. Which is why we are reaching out to those who share our views about how the ideal island destination should be. Anyone who chooses Serifos this summer will be able to feel as safe as they want to.

And it is important we keep this between us!





Words are not enough.

We are committed to doing what needs to be done to allow us to enjoy a safe summer.